LAURYN DICKENS of Memphis TN went missing back in 2010. She was approximately one year old at the time. Here mother, Shakara Dickens was subsequently convicted of Lauryn’s death. Lauryn’s body was never located. During her trial Shakara reportedly indicated that she had handed the child over to someone as instructed by the child’s father. About that time… Read More »

Flight 3407

Back in early 2009 as we kicked it in the barber shop one of the barbers asked me it I had had any dreams lately. You know, we dreamers like discussing dreams and never miss an opportunity. So I had had dream discussions with those fellows before. I responded to Harry (not his real name) that… Read More »

Hurricane Sandy

So, as you know, Hurricane Sandy occurred in 2012 and caused an unpresidented amount of damage in the North Eastern part of the United States. In Christendom aside from dreams and visions, the Lord imparts information to us through a direct communication to our human spirits so we just know stuff, kind of like intuition… Read More »


Several years ago I had a dream or perhaps a vision in which the only message was the word LIEGE. Now this is a word that at that time I was not familiar with so I did what any Black Man On The Street would do; I googled it. Now as you probably know, Liege… Read More »